We sometimes hear from our clients, "You want me to stand in front of that?" or "You want me to sit where?" But sometimes those props or backgrounds create the most interesting images. Sitting in Seth's parents' backyard was a rusty old jalopy which happened to do just that!   

The jalopy in this case was not even complete. It was just the cab of an old truck, sitting on blocks behind an old storage shed. Seth and his parents liked the idea of getting Seth into that as an element in the picture, but could't imagine how the image would look in the end.

Making Clutter Disappear

Around the truck was an array of "stuff." How could that be kept out of the image to keep it from looking like a cluttered mess, and to keep the photo on Seth for his senior portrait? 

Another challenge was the general lack of space. The woods of northern Wisconsin was quickly working on reclaiming the truck. Branches from hemlock and spruce trees crowded right up to the body of the old vehicle.

This, though, wasn't a problem. Shooting with a short telephoto lens on a full-frame camera and at wide-open aperture meant we could selectively focus on Seth, missing the branches all around him, while also blurring out the background. The shot worked out great.

We enjoy working with these young people and adding an extra element of interest to High School seniors' images.

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