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Wahoo KICKR Studio at the Recyclist Bicycle Co



Project Details

Promotional video for the Recyclist Bicycle Company featuring the store's new Wahoo KICKR Studio turbo trainer class and an interview with strength and conditioning specialist Danny Rivers of Advanced Movement Studio.

Cast & Characters

Danny Rivers, Co-Owner, CSCS, CES, TSAC-F, Advanced Movement Studio

Lighting Setup (Description)

Four CooLED 50 lights. Key light on Danny with reflector and barn doors. Hair light/rim light on Danny was a CooLED 50 with Bowens mount Fresnel lens. KICKR Studio class was lit with two additional CooLED 50 lights with barn doors and reflectors.

Set Image

Wahoo KICKR Studio at the Recyclist Bicycle Co

Shooting Location 1

Shooting Location 2